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Toyo Steel Toolbox Y-350 - Blue

Toyo Steel Toolbox Y-350 - Blue

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Toyo Steel Toolbox Y-350 Hip-Roof is a traditional Japanese toolbox. The storage applications and uses for this beautiful toolbox are endless. Whether you are a professional tradesman or a crafty enthusiast or looking for the perfect gift.   

 In 1969, Toyo Steel manufactured the world's first seamless steel toolbox. Ever since, Toyo Steel continue to manufacture their toolboxes to be simple, sturdy, rugged and yet beautiful.

The Hip-roof toolbox is Toyo Steel's classic design. Able to accommodate more than should fit in it's main compartment, the handle settles flat when not in use and the clasp can be locked with a 4mm padlock.


External size: 373x164x124mm
Internal size: 349x139x72mm
All-steel construction
Weight: 1.3kg
Made in Osaka

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